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We are a boutique marketing & business development firm that provides a unique strategic and personal level of support to companies in the architectural building products and services industry. We bring our clients a fresh approach to cost-effective, high-quality professional and creative marketing services. With a wide range of marketing, communications and business development support specific to the construction industry, we meet your needs on every level.


Content is King!  We work with our clients to produce quality content that can be repurposed in multiple mediums of communications including PR, Social Media, Websites, Literature, Email Campaigns and Advertising.

As an AIA Provider for over seven years we offer our clients a variety of continuing eduction services including course development, online courses, video courses,  symposiums and much more. 


Our strategic marketing approached is structured uniquely for each of our clients. We work with objectives, budgets and results in mind. Our segmented approach creates the greatest return for our clients investments.


Videos should be a marketing tactic that every company integrates into their overall brand strategies.  It's the most powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition and build relationships. 



Since 2006, Donovan+Associates has been privileged to work with and support some of the industry leaders and growth-oriented companies with their continuing education and MarCom initiatives.


Donovan+Associates offers a variety of MarCom and continuing education services and support for select clients. Our approach is to work strategically with each client to understand their overall growth objectives.  We develop a comprehensive plan and/or project outline to clearly define our objectives, scope of work, project timeline and budget. Below are some examples of our work.  We would be happy to share examples of specific work, based on your needs, and develop a detailed proposal. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our services in more detail please feel free to call me direct at 813.220.0039.                                                           - Shawn F. Donovan, Principal, Donovan+Associates



Shawn F. Donovan

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