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Glass+Metal Symposium - Glass, Metal + More

The Glass+Metal Symposium is an ongoing ½ day symposium with presentations and demonstrations from industry leaders discussing various topics related to building products, construction methods, building codes and new technologies, all related to commercial design in the hurricane market.


Event discussions include water infiltration, hurricane building codes related to safety and hurricane protection, testing standards, impact requirements for windows and doors, new product technologies in glass and metal, pre-glazing and unitized curtain wall systems, sustainable design, high-performance architectural glass, safety applications for glass and facade design trends.

Course Sponsor: Donovan+Associates  |  Course Credit: 5 AIA LU / HSW   |   AIA Course Number: GMS.04
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Windows and Doors

High-Performance Glazing + Frameless Impact Windows and Doors

This course will review high-performance architectural glass and glazing systems for commercial and residential applications including impact-resistant frameless windows and door systems.  The course will review safety standards, building codes, applications, and design trends for architectural glazing.​
Course Sponsor: Faour Glass Technologies  |  Course Credit: 1 AIA LU / HSW   |   AIA Course Number: FGT103
Course Formats: Presentation, Video  |  Request Lunch+Learn   |   Go to Video Version

The Beauty of Interior Sliding Glass Doors

This course will provide architects and designers an overview of product offerings and the latest technologies related to interior sliding glass doors and partitions. The course will focus on design elements, component and product applications including contributions to green design and LEED points.
Course Sponsor: Klein USA   |  Course Credit: 1 AIA LU  |  AIA Course Number: K102
Course Formats: Presentation   |   Request Lunch+Learn  

High-Performance Glass

Self-tinting Dynamic Glass for Daylighting and Energy Efficiency

This course is about solar controlled dynamic glass and will provide an overview of dynamic glass and how the use of self-tinting glass can promote proper daylighting and energy efficiency. Specific case studies will be modeled to compare standard glazing packages to a glass package incorporating solar controlled self-tinting glass.
Course Sponsor: Pleotint   |  Course Credit: 1 AIA LU / HSW  |  AIA Course Number: P101
Course Formats: Presentation   |   Request Lunch+Learn  

Architectural Glass Fabrication and Design Issues

Recognize certain values in glass design to make successful specifications and drawings for bid. Recognize considerations for the proper architectural glass choice. Upgrade the quality of architectural glass specifications. Learn how to design architectural glass to create the best cost efficiency.
Course Sponsor: JE Berkowitz   |  Course Credit: 1 AIA LU / HSW  |  AIA Course Number: 00JEB1-2
Course Formats: Presentation   |   Request Lunch+Learn  

Silicone Coatings: An Alternative To Ceramic Frit For Spandrel Glass

This course will provide design teams education on an alternative option for traditional spandrel glass coatings options when it comes to aesthetics and function. Attendees will learn applications for spandrel glass, along with the various styles of spandrel (harmonizing facade glass, decorative spandrel, and retro-fit). Attendees will also learn the benefits of high performance silicone coatings for glass as well as environmental aspects and considerations for specifications.
Course Sponsor: ICD   |  Course Credit: 1 AIA LU / HSW  |  AIA Course Number: ICD103
Course Formats: Presentation   |   Request Lunch+Learn  

Designing with Security Glazing Commercial Buildings

This course will cover the basics in security glass and glazing for commercial buildings such as prisons, jails, government, courthouses and Department of State buildings. Types of security glazing covered in this course will include forced entry, ballistics, fire, and blast. Typical installations required testing by product type and how to correctly specify products will be reviewed.
Course Sponsor: Global Security Glazing   |  Course Credit: 1 AIA LU / HSW  |  AIA Course Number: GSG101
Course Formats: Presentation   |   Request Lunch+Learn  

Commercial Railings and Metal Components

Designing Aluminum Railings in Commercial Applications

This course will introduce the various architectural railing types and examine the features and benefits of welded aluminum railings in commercial applications. The course will address various design options, product performance, applicable building codes, types of applications, installation guidelines and information on how to evaluate and specify welded aluminum railings.
Course Sponsor: GRECO   |  Course Credit: 1 AIA LU / HSW  |  AIA Course Number: GAR102
Course Formats: Presentation, Video  |  Request Lunch+Learn  |  Go to Video Version